Why does the pitch of human voices change depending on who you talk to/what you talk about?

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Greetings all,
I am a 21 year old male, for context. My normal voice is what I would describe as medium pitch – not super deep, but not high either. I’ve been described as a Baritone by one person. Anyway, onto the point. I’ve noticed my voice changes based on who I talk to, or what I talk about.

For instance, I went to my professors office today after class, and there was a fellow student in there. I find this female student very pretty and attractive. When my professor stepped out of the room for a minute, her and I were talking, and my voice was very low. I’ve noticed this happening around females a lot (especially those I find attractive, and I also talk less – I’m more quiet and reserved). After this student left, my professor and I were talking on our own. I noticed when I was just talking to him, my voice became much higher than normal and more nasally, if that makes sense.

Another example: If I’m talking to someone about something I’m not super interested in, for instance an exam, or what I’m doing that day, etc., I find myself having a low voice. Now, when somebody talks to me about science (I’m a science lover) or fishing (one of my favorite hobbies), I can ramble on about these topics forever. I talk very fast, and my the pitch of my voice once again gets quite high.

Why does this happen? I’ve done a little bit of reading about it on Google, but I’m looking for some more in-detail explanations.

Thanks in advance!

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I (56F) find that I do this. I have a fairly low voice (often called contralto) When I’m at work talking about job stuff, my voice is lower and slower, and even I feel my speech is more confident. I know my southern accent (Georgia) comes out when I’m talking with someone with an accent, and my mother used to say that when she got home from visiting her country cousins and old aunts and uncles, that she’d talk too loud and with a very pronounced accent. Neither of us has a particularly strong accent.

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