Why does the pitch of human voices change depending on who you talk to/what you talk about?

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Greetings all,
I am a 21 year old male, for context. My normal voice is what I would describe as medium pitch – not super deep, but not high either. I’ve been described as a Baritone by one person. Anyway, onto the point. I’ve noticed my voice changes based on who I talk to, or what I talk about.

For instance, I went to my professors office today after class, and there was a fellow student in there. I find this female student very pretty and attractive. When my professor stepped out of the room for a minute, her and I were talking, and my voice was very low. I’ve noticed this happening around females a lot (especially those I find attractive, and I also talk less – I’m more quiet and reserved). After this student left, my professor and I were talking on our own. I noticed when I was just talking to him, my voice became much higher than normal and more nasally, if that makes sense.

Another example: If I’m talking to someone about something I’m not super interested in, for instance an exam, or what I’m doing that day, etc., I find myself having a low voice. Now, when somebody talks to me about science (I’m a science lover) or fishing (one of my favorite hobbies), I can ramble on about these topics forever. I talk very fast, and my the pitch of my voice once again gets quite high.

Why does this happen? I’ve done a little bit of reading about it on Google, but I’m looking for some more in-detail explanations.

Thanks in advance!

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I always noticed that my exboyfriends voice would be higher when he would speak to his parents.
I always assumed that in his parents house he is still the “child” even though he was already a grown up man. And well, children have a higher voice

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