Why does the sound frequency matter on study music streams on YouTube?

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Many times I see study/sleep/chilling music videos and streams on YouTube that will include the sound frequency in the title. The one I’m listening to right now says the music is 432Hz.

Why does the sound frequency matter?

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the only scientific proof of audio frequency improving memory/concentration is “binural beats” which takes place at lower frequencies 40hz…….but those studies were with very specific audio patterns which wouldnt pass for “music” as well as needing to be studied with good stereo (L channel / R channel) headphones.

there is nothing out there saying if you want to sleep listen to 300-400 and if you want to study listen to 456-700

another (more controllable) auditory thing to consider is general noise level. There is also proof that some background noise is good for us……too quiet or too loud is no good, but any kind of backround can increase productivity and creativity

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