Why does the US have the best women’s soccer team in the world, but when it comes to men the team is just average compared to the rest of the world?


Why does the US have the best women’s soccer team in the world, but when it comes to men the team is just average compared to the rest of the world?

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Most countries, sports development is funded by the pro teams and their development teams. Lack of pro women’s teams means lack of funding for developing athletes.

In USA, most sports development is done by high schools and colleges, and because of title IX there must be teams for men and women. Therefore many more opportunities for women in USA.

Soccer is one of worst paying pro sports in USA, so most men with athletic talent are going to choose another sport first.

I like soccer, so I’m not saying this to sound condescending about the sport. When I was growing up in the late 80s and 90s, soccer was seen as a women’s sport or a good beginners sports for children. The most athletic girls tended to play soccer where as the most athletic boys were playing American football, basketball, and baseball. The boys soccer team at my high school was mostly guys staying in shape during their main sports off season. That perception has definitely changed quite a bit, and it’s popularity seems to be increasing every year. When you compare this with other nations who have been passionate about the sport for generations it’s difficult to compete at an international level on the men’s side.

The other answers are correct regarding the development and funding for sports being a direct correlation to professional success. Put it this way, LeBron James might be the greatest goal keeper in the history of the world, Randy Moss might’ve been the greatest striker in the world, etc…

The thing is most kids don’t grow up playing soccer in the US. It tends to be the best option for girls though, along with basketball. Therefore our greatest female athletes play soccer.

>compared to the rest of the world?

Men’s soccer in the rest of the world is a big deal. Talents are spotted around school age and put into academies where they hone their skills as well as start to develop tactical awareness. In the US, it’s the club system where the parents have to shell out hundreds of dollars to have their kids in a club. That leaves out the talented kids whose parents couldn’t afford the club fees. If the USMNT is to be better than average then the kids should be playing in foreign countries and getting into foreign clubs academies. And then when they’re recognized as good enough to play then the federation has to convince them to represent the US. Additionally, coaches for schools and colleges prioritize athleticism over talent. That leaves out a player that has great tactical awareness and can think two steps ahead out. People think that LeBron can be a great strike or something but we really don’t know if he would have the player development that a European footballer would have. Take Usain Bolt who was an embarassment in the sport of soccer despite being the fastest man ever.

Then there’s the fact that to make it in soccer, you have to be good enough to play in Europe. MLS players just don’t make as much as their European counterparts.