Why does toast not feel like toast after being out uneaten for a couple of hours?


It just gets hard and chewy. Same thing happens if I make a toasted sandwich and wrap it up in foil, I get it out at lunch and it’s just a hard chewy sandwich rather than crispy and toasty?

In: Chemistry

It’s absorbs moisture and tries to return to soft and bready but it fails to absorb enough moisture so it gets stuck halfway

Toast is just bread that you dehydrated and burned slightly in a toaster.

The longer you leave toast in a moist environment, especially with moist toppings on a sandwich, it starts to absorb small amounts of water and gets kinda gummy and hard.

The starch molecules crystalize after the they expel water molecules. Toasting speeds this up. The chemical process is called syneresis. If you’d like more info, google “bread syneresis”.