Why does warm food taste better?


Why does warm food taste better?

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A major component of the way food tastes is actually the way food _smells_. There is a direct pathway from our mouths to our noses (in the back of the throat) so that odors of the food can be sensed while we are chewing.

Warm molecules are more likely to aerosolize (go into the air) and are thus more likely to be smelled.

Warm food gives off more aromas, and part of your taste comes from smell. Also, warm food is less viscous, so sauces and fats can better cover your taste buds.


Heat is a catalyst (helps chemical reactions happen easier) since taste is about chemical reactions something that’s warm will have a stronger taste.

Not really age appropriate for a 5 year old but this is why cheap beer commercials emphasize serving it as cold as possible so you don’t taste how crap the beer actually is. People who drink quality beer for the taste typically won’t chill it as much.

Temperature is subjective to how hot or cold your environment is. I distinctly remember struggling to convince myself to eat warm food during summer as a kid. Most people don’t want ice cream if they’re outside in the winter etc. While cold food still *tastes* good in winter, hot food when you’re overheating definitely doesn’t taste great and can even make me feel a bit ill.