Why does watching running water make us want to pee?


Why does watching running water make us want to pee?

In: Biology

It makes me want to poop too, sometimes. Especially when I’m camping.

I’m not saying that I poop or pee in the river but it is very likely evolutionary. For some expansive amount of time that was the most sanitary place for an individual to do it in. So when you’re near where you sleep your body holds off, but at the river your instincts tell you it’s time to get things done.

Later on (as in, during the most recent blink of human existence) we have other forms of running water which was unaccounted for.

Peeing is very complicated in terms of neurology.

Our nervous system is divided into three distinct systems. Central, Autonomic and Somatic.

The act of peeing is linked into all three and all three play off against one another to make it happen.

It is the autonomic nervous system that is to blame for making you want to pee when you see/hear water.

The autonomic nervous system is the same nervous system that make your mouth water when you think of sucking a lemon, get a penile/clitoral erection when you see something sexually appealing, makes you gag when you smell something disgusting etc, etc.

It is essentially a system that makes your body involuntry respond to external stimuli.

When you urinate the sound and sight of the urine flowing from your body stimulates the ANS to keep your bladder sphincter relaxed, so you may pee freely without responses from the other nervous systems interupting it mid flow.

So seeing or hearing water trickling is tricking your ANS into thinking you’ve released your bladder and it’s trying to keep the bladder muscles relaxed to aid your peeing.

Source: used to nurse in an elderly care home and did a fair bit of incontinence care.