Why doesn’t our world fall apart if it is made of unstable quantum stuff?


We all know that quantum physics is weird and often involves phenomena that defy logic, reason and physical laws, so why doesn’t that happen in our macro scale universe? If we are fundamentally made from quantum stuff, why aren’t things appearing/disappearing out of nowhere, teleporting and existing in two state simultaneously? In other words why is our world so stable?

In: Physics

You are very large. Immense in fact.

You can’t even comprehend how small we are talking about for this type of physics.

Try to imagine a single atom in your body. It’s almost impossible. That atom itself is mostly empty.; the nucleus is like a single fly inside a cathedral.

Wee see things from very far away with very limited eyes, you don’t see atoms interacting, let alone subatomic particles.

Each piece of you follows quantum rules but that doesn’t mean that you’ll observe quantum behavior on a large scale. Things average out and appear stable from far away, but it’s always fluctuating.

These random events could very well be what causes mutations, cancer, evolution, decision making, impulse, etc.

they determine which atom is an electron short, not which room you’ll teleport to.

They are real but they don’t influence you in that direct of a way. You’re too big to notice.