Why don’t more countries use nuclear power?


Why don’t more countries use nuclear power?

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It’s not a renewable energy source (uranium was made by a stellar happening)…and when it goes wrong it goes REALLY wrong.

And it is expensive to produce!

It also still produce carbon, just at a lower rate than fossil fuels.

Nuclear power isn’t great compared to other forms of generation. Compared to solar power, nuclear power is far more expensive and takes far longer to bring online. Nuclear waste is a consideration as well. Other forms of power are easier, cleaner and cheaper.

It depends on what time period you are talking about because in Europe it cause a mass protest movement in the 80’s (especially in Germany and Austria) in which they held a public referendum where the people voted to end all nuclear power. They were worried about the effects waste would have considering the power plants that were being protested were close to the Danube river.

While others simply can’t afford or get access to the materials needed for nuclear power.

Others are worried about the effects it would have on their economies due to international intervention. The US is still sanctioning Iran for following all the INF regulations agreed to in the Iran nuclear deal and what other country would want those sanctions that cripple the economy.

Other countries have not used it as much because of accidents like what happened in Japan when a nuclear power plant was hit by a tsunami causing even more damage to the surrounding area than if it weren’t there.

When it comes to international politics there usually isnt one broad answer to cover all countries because each country is different and will have different opinions on different subjects, just as different people have different reasons for not liking a certain food or drink.

Mostly because it’s expensive. It takes a long time to bring online, and requires a large initial investment, both in terms of money, and in technology. Unfortunately, now, it also has a bad rap because of serious incidents in the past, Chernobyl, and Fukushima. In a stable country, with proper planning, it would be a much better alternative than pretty much any other power source.

Nuclear reactors are expensive to build, and a lot of people don’t like the idea of anything nuclear anywhere near them (even though statistically it’s just about as safe as energy generation gets).