why eye drops burn, but being under a shower doesn’t?


why eye drops burn, but being under a shower doesn’t?

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I’ve usually found it’s due to temperature. If my eye drops have been in my pocket and I use them it doesn’t burn as it would if it had been on my desk at room temperature. Your eyes have nerves that are sensitive to temperature just like the rest of your body, and they can be pretty sensitive that close to your brain.

That would depend on the eye drops….I use Refresh Tears regularly (like once a day) cause I have minor dry eye from PRK and I’ve never experienced burning….regular water from a shower is *definitely* more irritating to my eyes.

Whatever brand of drops you’re using may have something in them that irritates your eyes – as in this would likely be a personal issue. Alternatively drops with different purposes (such as medical, or some form of antibiotic drop or numbing drops or something) are likely to cause some discomfort due to the extra chemicals used to achieve the necessary purpose.

Eye drops are more than water. They have a level of salinity that can cause a little burn. When I cared about hiding my red eyes I would call it “eye bleach”.