Why fukushima reactor couldn’t be restarted to cool itself?

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If I understand it correctly fukushima disaster happens because reactor lost all sources of power and was not able to cool down. But why they didn’t just restart the reactor? Reactor had shut down automatically as a safety measure in case of earthquake, but it was still functional. Just restart it and use energy from reactor.

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Some of the failed reactors were restarted, but due to damage to the facility had been without power for extended periods. Even when restarted, lots of the supporting systems to manage the reactor were damaged, too – this meant the reactors didn’t work as designed and/or it was too dangerous to run the plant as normal.

At one point the workers vented a reactor by opening its safety relief valve using electricity from strung-together scavenged car batteries. The plant was absolutely wrecked.

Imagine that you’re sick and driving to the hospital but then get into a car accident and the front of the vehicle is crushed. Your life may depend on restarting the vehicle. But can you? It’s possible that trying to do that could be a danger to yourself and other people. What if it’s leaking gasoline or oil and goes up in flames while you’re sitting there? And if you can get it started, who’s to say the car won’t fail again due to the damage? All the options to deal with the problem suck.

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