: Why Home VHS quality degraded overtime vs a Camera or Studio Tape?



Mini cassettes from the early 2000 or re-releases of TV shows now in digital format have a staggering quality.

But if I boot a VHS copy from the attic the quality is awful even when the tapes were new .

Is there any difference in studio/camera tapes in terms of quality compared to regular home use VHS?

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Yes – It basically comes down to the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing process. Camera film is (usually) manufactured to a much higher standard

VHS tapes were for the end consumer and were pumped out for as cheap and easy as they could get away with

Storage comes into play a bit too. VHS tapes are rarely shipped with good storage. A bit of cheap plastic doesn’t work anywhere near as well as the custom metal containers they use to store movie film.

VHS was never really considered for long term storage – they were in essence designed to be somewhat disposable.

VHS was never a high quality recording format. It has low resolution, lower than broadcast TV. Studios would use much higher quality formats to record things as you want high quality master recordings.