Why is 5G exceptionally faster than 4G/3G ?


Why is 5G exceptionally faster than 4G/3G ?

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It isn’t.

If you go to 5G and have much better speeds, then that’s only because you were getting slower 4G than you could have been. 4G networks can, in ideal situations, deliver speeds up to about half a gigabit. You probably don’t get anywhere near that! I know I don’t.

The main reason that 5G looks so much faster than 4G is that if you’re somewhere with 5G availability, you’re getting the very best technology that’s on offer right now. Also, there’s less saturation of 5G-specific frequencies right now. Also also, 5G does a better job of keeping signal from spilling over to places it’s not supposed to be. That in turn means that most users of 5G will get more bandwidth – and more bandwidth almost always means more throughput (though they’re not the same! Lots of people use the terms interchangeably, but bandwidth is measured in Hz and throughput is measured in bits/sec. Moving data around is complicated, so there’s more to your speed than just how wide your channel is or how quickly the data gets to you).