Why is Canada a separate country?


Why is Canada a separate country?

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Why is any country a separate country?

Your question makes no sense. Do you want it to belong to France?

Mainly due to the fact the cities up there never joined the revolution in 1776, because they were not subjected to the same discriminatory taxes and levies the ‘Colonies’ were, so they didn’t have the abject hatred for the Crown that we did. That animosity and Imperial arrogance bled over for the next twenty years, leading to the War of 1812, where the US couldn’t capture Ottawa during that war. I don’t normally recommend Wikipedia, but they have a very good breakdown of the War.


Canada was British-held at the same time as the US was trying to break free. However, it had been recently conquered from the French in the Seven Years’ War (1756-1763). Since the recently conquered territories were unhappy, the UK granted them some privileges (freedom of religion, freedom to use French instead of English, and some local autonomy) to keep them happy. This increased the loyalty of the French Canadians, as well as angered the US colonies, who were not given such privileges. So when the US colonies declared independence, the Canadians were supportive of the UK over joining the US.

After the US war of independence, those people who were loyal to the UK but living in the US resettled in Canada, as it was nearby and part of the UK. This further ensured the loyalty of Canada to the UK, although it also led to close ties to the US. For the next 200 years, it would be either a colony, a confederation, or a dominion under the UK. It wasn’t until 1982 that Canada became a completely separate nation from the UK, although they still have close ties.

Because the UK let colonizes become more and more independent and the Dominion of Canada is created in 1867. Canada and other dominions like Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa got more and more independence over time and the Statute of Westminster in 1931 establish them as coequal with the United Kingdom under the Crown.

The reason the dominions were created and got more independence was what was the will of the people there and accented by the UK government. If you look at what colonies became dominions and independent first it is clear that UK accepted the independence of colonies where you have people from Britain and another part of Europe in control and they later accepted the independence of countries where the one that would be in control what the native people of that country. So India and Pakistan is the first that gained independence in 1947 and it is followed by the majority of the colonies becoming independent states

Newfoundland, Irish Free State, India, Pakistan, and Ceylon has also been UK dominions but at a different time and the

In British North America, the territories were not a single administration, but multiple colonies. There were twenty-something British colonies. Due to how history worked out, the 13 colonies that would become the USA were more linked with eachother than with the other colonies. They were founded at roughly the same time and had similar cultures. The colonies in Canada were somewhat newer and more separate. Nova Scotia was a British colony, but only became British in 1713. Quebec only became British in 1763. The other territories like Newfoundland, Rupert’s land, and the Northwest Territories were sparsely populated and distant from main population core of the 13 colonies. So, the other British colonies (which would become Canada) were British in the same way that the 13 colonies were, but didn’t really share in the history and culture of the 13 colonies. When the Revolution occurred, these Canadian colonies didn’t join because they have as much in common with the 13 colonies. Most people in the Canadian colonies were French Catholics, so they didn’t really get along with the English Protestants. In fact, one of the grievances the Americans had was that the British were treating the Catholics in Canada too good. The Americans were upset that the British were trying to appease the “evil papists.”