why is delayed onset muscle soreness…. delayed?


why is delayed onset muscle soreness…. delayed?

In: Biology

because it is the muscle tightening/stiffening up after being “worked out” that causes the soreness. This stiffening takes a while to happen because it doesn’t start happening until after you’ve stopped moving/working out.

You’ll notice if you just sit relaxed you wont feel sore muscles as much as if you’re moving them/stretching them.

This is also why stretching after you work out is recommended because it helps minimize the extreme stiffening, youll still get sore, just not as sore.

DOMS is usually a by-product of strenuously exercising a particular muscle group. When our muscles get bigger it’s not because we produce more muscle fibers, it’s because the current fibers are tearing down and building up much bigger/stronger. This does not happen all at once though and can progress for days at a time. The pain you feel is your body not introducing more inflammation via movement to an area already under repair. The delayed aspect of it is likely a remnant of an evolutionary advantage our ancestors once had. After all, you’re much more likely going to thrive by running away from a predator if your legs hurt later (when it’s safe to rest) rather than if the pain was felt immediately thereby inhibiting your evasion