Why is eating humans not healthy?


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Tiny things (like germs) that eat one animal may have trouble eating a different kind of animal.
If you eat a human, the tiny things that eat a human have a higher chance of being able to eat you, and thus make you sick.

In a related notes, the most famous disease assocaited with humans eating humans is a prion disease. It’s a misshapened human brain protein, that when it hits a normal human brain protein, turns it into the exact same misshapened brain protein. You can get that misshapened protein in your brain by eating it.

A human physiologist here.


Aside from the taboo and health requirements bordering on murder (you don’t want to eat anything that has died of disease or old age, any edible meat should generally come from a healthy, freshly slaughtered animal), there are many diseases that are only transmitted through eating human flesh.


Most common are prion diseases, which you generally get from eating human brains (or meat apparently). You might have heard from Kuru ([https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuru_(disease)](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kuru_(disease))), an **invariably lethal** neurodegenerative disease that is transmitted through eating human flesh and brains. There are also dozens of others, but those are less-known since eating human flesh is so rare. Some you might get from an otherwise healthy-looking person with no symptoms, so eating human flesh/brains is always a huge risk.


So in short, prion diseases. Lethal, horrible prion diseases. Many other diseases too, but prion diseases are most common. No way to know beforehand whether you die an agonizing death or not.

There are a wide range of diseases which can spread between humans but not between animals and humans. If you eat human flesh you might catch any of the diseases they had. In addition to the usual viral infections the most dangerous is probably prions. Most prions are specific to a single species and can spread through food. And there is generally no cure for prion diseases.

Although there are no big danger of humans eating each other being a major source of disease outbreaks this can be an issue with modern farming. Animal waste, mostly those from slaughtering, is being processed and used as nutritional suppliants to animals as well as humans. And there is a danger that animals is getting fed remains of their own species which could contribute to spreading diseases. There are some regulations in place to avoid this happening. However it may still be possible either as an accident or by someone intentionally mislabeling feed in order to improve its value. You do also have the same issue with manure. Fresh manure may be applied to fields that gets grazed soon after and bacteria can therefore spread between populations of livestock. In some cases human waste is also used as fertilizer which might similarly infect livestock with bacteria that causes nasty infections in humans and this may end up in meat. So this too is being regulated to some degree but is a constant threat.

the most applicable example of why this is an awful idea is looking at the whole case with “Mad cow disease”, essentially animals being fed directly or not the remains of their own kind, leading a deadly prion disease that contaminated a good chunk of the farms animals of thwe time meant for slaughter(and also led to changes and tighter control on how said animals were treated).

Who said it wasn’t?

Human flesh is high in vitamin D and vitamin B6, not to mention a great source of protein.

People will talk about prion disease, but you can also get that from cows and sheep. So long as you don’t chow down on the brains of someone with a neurodegenerative disease like kuru or CJD you’ll be fine.

As for bugs, most humans are vaccinated and don’t carry parasites.
So long as youre eating a freshly slaughtered healthy human and are cooking it thoroughly, I don’t see why it would be anymore unhealthy than eating any other animal.

Though you might spend the rest of your life in prison for doing so.