Why is it considered better to breathe in through your nose?


I’ve found the only difference is that I can’t get enough air in through my nose. Why is it common advice to go in through the nose, out through the mouth?

In: Biology

It’s more important as a child as it helps your jaw and mandible develop properly

You’ll notice people who have breathed via their mouth their whole lives have very poor lower facial structure

Because in your nose there are little hairs who hold back dust and other things + the air has to travel a bit longer which gives it time to warm up before it arrives in your lungs. Cold air can be irritating to the lungs.

When you breathe in through your nose, different parts of your nose act as a filter and condition the air you breathe, removing excess moisture and warming the air so that it doesn’t do damage to or infect your lungs.

Breathing out through your mouth helps you keep a more stable healthy rhythm of breathing, which can aid in keeping your heart rate down etc.

In addition, nasal breathing increases NO levels in the bloodstream and lungs in a way that mouth breathing doesn’t.