Why is it important for humans to sleep?



I’ve been sleeping less lately and got curious. Thanks to everyone who replies!

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Simple analogy.

Think of your body as a high performance race car. When you wake up in the morning, your starting the “race” and the pit stop is sleeping. During the course of the “race”, something bad might get sucked into your race cars intake. Maybe your engines oil is a little dirty and needs to be cleaned. Your tires are worn down just from driving the car all day. Are you going to fix this while you’re driving your car? Or are you going to pull into a pitstop and rest while someone else does it?

If you don’t give your race car a pit stop so that it can have the tires swapped out, and some dirty oil gets cleaned, your cars engine will get gunked up and stop working.


Sleep is the bodies way of cleaning up all the damage you did to your body during the day. You can’t properly carry out all cellular activity while your up, walking around and creating new cellular waste. If you don’t do a clean up (sleep), then your body will become too toxic to support life and you will die(eventually).

LPT: I’ve noticed that when I can’t sleep, I just completely relax every muscle in my body for as long as I can (hours sometimes) and its feels like I slept a few hours in though I was conscious the whole time. It’s a pretty neat trick.

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Your brain refreshes and sets itself up so it’s easy to learn the next day. So like defragging and deleting the crap off your computer.

Your brain and body cleans up and removes wastes chemicals and crap that build up during the day.

Your body repairs itself.


You brain processes and analyses what happened during the day. So if you are say learning an instrument you will play better after getting some sleep.