Why is it less windy at night?



Edit: answered.

In: Earth Science

So the winds come from the heating of the air from the sun and that temperature difference between the cooler air and hotter air causing currents. Without the sun’s heat, there is less contrast between hot and cold air. It becomes more equalized, so there is less wind.

The sun causes air to heat up which makes it less dense, and wind is air pressure trying to stabilize itself.

Is it though? I hear the wind more at night than in the day

The sun heats the air and causes it to expand. It also causes water to evaporate. All this new H20 in the expanding air makes all these molecules that make up the air excited and fight for limited space available. This causes the wind.

As the sun goes down it is no longer heating the air. It cools off. A lot of the water in the air that is fighting for space condenses into liquid making more room for other air molecules.