why is it that adblockers kinda “expire”?


basically I got tired of adds as you do and got a ad blocker it work fine for like ~4 months then i started seeing ads again. later I downloaded brave browser turned on shields and no ads for around ~ 4 months then I started seeing ads again. so I came to the conclusion that google somehow detected that I was using a ad blocker and somehow bypassed it if this is true then how dose it work or if I have it wrong then why?

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Thats an assumption. But what ad blockers essentially does is scanning the webpages you visit for potential ad content before it’s rendered in you browser and hides it. So if the way ads are displayed is changed the ad blocker has to make changes too. I’m pretty sure big browsers make changes actively to make it harder for ad blockers as well as they make money from ads (think google)

Ublock origin is currently the best adblocker around. I haven’t seen an ad since I started using it. But you do have to let it update.

Some adblockers will take money from groups like Google to whitelist their ads so it won’t block them anymore. Ublock origin does not, ublock does.

It’s a game of cat and mouse often. Ad companies find ways around ad blockers, so sometimes you will see some ads on certain websites for some time until ad blockers start catching up again. Also, you need to update your ad blocker regularly.

1. Adblockers work off a blocklist of known ad-tech domains. They block all requests to those domains preventing ads from loading. It’s trivially easy to keep this list updated, so most ad tech companies don’t bother changing their domains to get around this because of all sorts of other issues it would cause them.

You are seeing ads served from the publishers domain that you are on. Those cant be blocked as easily since they come from the publisher alongside the content that you want to see.

2. Brave is an ad tech company that offers lots of ad formats to buyers while blocking other sources of ads. You are seeing ads from the publisher served like i mentioned above but you are likely also served ads by Brave

uBlock Origin doesn’t ‘expire’, but you need to let it update. I don’t see ads anywhere, and haven’t for a long time.