Why is it that some company vehicles can get away with not having basic safety features like airbags and such?


I work at ups, and for my job, I drive a tug, wich is basically a really shitty car that can only go 15mph, however, as far as I can tell, none of these tugs have airbags, they have no turn signals and the seat belt only goes across your waist. Why can companies get away with this type of thing?

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If you got into a collision going 15 mph, you wouldn’t need an airbag. Those things are basically built like tanks. At worst, you might get a bruise.

If it’s not a street-legal vehicle, then it’s not covered by the typical laws regarding passenger cars and such. And if it’s not governed by OSHA, then you’re just outta luck.

Are you planning on driving the thing on public roads?

Many/most of the safety features that we normally think about in the US for cars are primarily required by laws governing the operation of motor vehicles on public roadways. If the tug you are describing can only 15 mph, is it intended to be driven on the street? Or is it more akin to a golf cart? Sounds like the latter may be the case and if so, that is why in that instance the vehicle can go without standard safety features in a passenger vehicle

First, at 15 mph (kinda running speed) an airbag would be useless (probably more dangerous than improving safety) At that speed crashing through the windscreen etc is also not likely.

Without turn signals – the vehicle is clearly not legal for public roads. In which case, not all features are implemented.

In a workspace, the employees are supposed to be supervised and trained on the operating procedures of any equipment they are required to use.

The go carts at your local family fun center can go even faster than 15 mph, are completely open, have zero safety devices other than a seatbelt, and can be driven by children.

The reason it’s legal is because it’s on private land/roads, so they don’t have to follow the same requirements that vehicles meant for public roads do.

I said that’s where my annoyance stemmed from, it’s what made me ask the question about everything else, its not bad press, the tugs really are a piece of shit.also, the tugs don’t heat up as much as you think, and I actually enjoy rain.