Why is it that the common interpretation of a heart is ❤️ rather than the actual shape of a heart


Idk whether this is the kind of question you ask on here but I was wondering

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There is no one explanation really. Some stories suggest it’s modelled after the shapely behind of a woman. Two buttocks descending into the point of the vulva.

Other stories point out that the seedpod of a plant that used to be employed as a contraceptive drug looks like a heart. So an association with sex led to an association with love.

The same shape shows up even earlier with an association to fertility rather than love. Often intended to depict plant leaves rather than a human heart (as the seat of emotions).

At any rate, there isn’t one correct answer. Just a bunch of theories.

An explanation I’ve heard is that it is depicting 2 hearts together to symbolize love, and it just kind of stuck as the symbol for one heart.

I thought it was the shape of two hearts put together? Joining hearts, Symbolizing love.

The earliest record of the heart shape and the heart representing love is a French manuscript “Romance of the Pear” [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_de_la_poire](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_de_la_poire) .

However, it’s unknown if this is the origin of heart shape and hear representing love or if it’s just the earliest surviving example.

There is no definitive answer. However, I do think it looks kind of like a real heart when you split it at the septum and splay it open.

The shape is a good visual for the duality of love, two lobes very separate at the top converging as one common unity at the bottom.

In a general sense it’s not unlike the anatomical version with its two corresponding sides and somewhat tapered appearance.

I thought it was the shape of a women’s butt when she bent forward. A guy would see it and be in love.

My biology teacher thaught us, that it’s interpretation because that in the ancient egyptians where they observe the crocodiles hearts, they draw both of the aortas (where the blood flows from the heart) what is positioned in a shape what is now interpreted as a heart.

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Basically, if you take two hearths and sew them together, that the shape you will get.
Meaning that the picture of two hearths being shot by one arrow is actually a foursome. XD