Why is it that when a person has an epileptic seizure/fit that they feel so tired and out of it for such a long time.


Asking as I’m epileptic and it throws me out for a good day or two like I’ve not slept in days.

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Immediately following a seizure is what’s known as the postictal state. In this state, the person is pretty much completely out of it. Yeah, they’re “awake,” but not really. They just kinda sit there and look exhausted. That’s because they are! You could say seizing is expensive for the body. In the brain, the uncontrolled firing of millions, if not billions of neurons takes **a lot** of energy. This energy comes in the form of glucose, and when a person has a seizure their brain neurons can burn through nearly all their energy stores. If the seizure extends to physical convulsions, then the same process happens in your muscles. Having every muscle contract randomly and uncontrollably is taxing. It can take your body hours, sometimes days to rebuild all of the glycogen stores in your cells, leaving you feeling tired and “out of it.”