Why is it the calorie count of food, and not the mass, that determines weight gain?


Why is it the calorie count of food, and not the mass, that determines weight gain?

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One liter water = One liter sweat and pee

One liter Fat = ….

In Theorie if there would be a food that could be eaten and would leave the body without any change it would be like water. But please don’t start now to eat marbles, it can make you ill or even kill you. If you want a food like this try cucumber.

A analogy is a campfire

You can burn many things in a campfire, and many things will not burn.

* 1 Liter of a lightweight wood will burn very fast
* 1 Liter of Coal will burn long(er)
* 1 Liter sand will not burn at all

Food is full of energy, we measure that energy as calories. And if we get more calories than we need, our body stores rest as fat.

The trick is that food can weigh a lot, but not have a lot of calories. Food that has a lot of water in it, may weigh more and have greater mass, but our bodies can’t convert water into energy and store it as fat. And some food has a lot of fiber in it, which is something else that our body can’t easily digest and turn into energy.

Just like how a candle burns slower than paper, or how its easier to drink water rather than milk, Different substances have different attributes. A proper chemist might know more, but it kinda makes sense that you could isolate some excesses of a substance that could, in excess, cause problems.

(Calories are a general rule of thumb but any nutritionist knows its more a concern of excessiveness/lack of moderation which causes health problems like weight gain or other more holistic problems like lack of exercise or depression/poor support structure)

Food, no matter the quantity by mass, will be broken down in your body into the parts that your body can use to make energy. Energy is what your body is after. Since everything will ultimately get turned into energy (/energy-storing molecules like fat), this is why calories (a unit of energy as it’s used by the body) is what contributes to weight gain.