Why is it “We The North” and not “We ARE The North”?


I think it makes us sound stupid and a little illiterate. In every use-case (official and otherwise) the slogan of “We the north” is not even grammatically correct.

Every time I see it somewhere there’s always an urge inside of me to marker in “ARE” in between the slogan.

EDIT: it’s from some basketball slogan from the Toronto Raptors as part of some campaign that stuck. I think it’s lame due to its grammatical error in the way that they use it.

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I don’t know what exactly you are referring to but I’m guessing it’s along the lines of “We, the North,” as in “We, the people,”

It’s just a specification of the subject. “we, the north, believe blah blah” is specifying who the subject “we” is. “we are the north” is a complete sentence on its own. It states we = North since “is” is an equalizing noun and it can stand alone without anything else. “we, the north” is almost a compound subject but it’s only a subject with a clarification, Similar to “we, the people, blah blah”. It’s not that it’s stupid or incorrect, they’re two different things.

“We The North” (Toronto Raptor’s Slogan) is a distinctive phrase, probably trademarked. “We are the North” is a general phrase, most likely not trademarkable.

You should take an intro to Linguistics class. You would learn that the phrase is actually grammatically correct. To say it’s not is like saying a grasshopper’s legs are wrong and should be a different way.

Why? Because We Are The North sounds stupid and only a minority like you prefer it. The professional marketing agency that was paid a million to come up with it and do audience tests to see how people liked it thought it would be good. And it has been – it has won numerous awards and other teams have emulated it on official media. That is the business reason, our personal opinions are subjective.