Why is it windy some days, but other days it isn’t?


Why is it windy some days, but other days it isn’t?

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The Earth has a titled axis (the revolution of the earth around the sun causes it to be exposed to direct rays from the sun at different angles). This causes the temperature between the northern hemisphere and southern hemisphere to be different at different times of the year. The water that is all around us is an amazing insulation and causes a disparity between the temperature of the air in various places around earth. Heat rises and causes a massive movement of air to occur. Also, the earth is rotating on that axis, and this rotation effects the movement of the winds as well. It’s one amazingly beautiful machine that we call home.

Of course, my explanation is very basic and lacking many details, but I summed it up in really simple terms.

Temperature difference, rotation, and even massive waves in the ocean, all have effects on the wind and weather patterns.

Hot air rises and cold air moves in to replace it. So the sun heating different elements on earth (trees, bodies of water, mountains, desert, etc.) will cause uneven heat and semi-random wind formations. The higher you go in the mountains (elevation) the less resistance. There is also very little resistance over bodies of water.. so coastal areas are substantially more windy.