Why is temperature rise from fever different from temperature rise after a hot shower?


In a chilly room, you shiver due to fever but are comfortable if just out of a hot shower.

In: Biology

Everything is relative. If you have a fever your brain sets your core temperature higher than normal so your brain makes your body work harder to get hotter this is why you feel cold. Feeling cold warms us up by shivering. Where as the temperature of hot water is environmental and your body will not feel cold by how it raises your body temperature if will do the opposite and work to cool you down.

Because normally human body temperature is about 37.5C. After a hot shower your body temperature is temporarily raised and you feel the relative temperature difference with your environment as you feeling warm but still comfortable. Your body will still lose the extra heat and be back to its normal temperature. See homeostasis.

Fever is a different matter. It happens as part of the body’s immune response. A fever occurs when your body temperature is higher than normal for a relatively long period. A higher body temperature allows the immune system to work better and also detrimental to bacteria and other pathogens. Combine fever with fatigue which is also part of the immune response to encourage you to rest and you get an uncomfortable feeling.