Why is testing make up on animals bad?


Clarification: Why testing make up on animals bad but not medications and other medical treatments?

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They are not testing the color or look, but if it will cause pain or scarring. Basically they are testing new chemical compounds are lethal or harmful on animals as it is cheaper then chemical and computer models

I think the big thing is animals can’t consent.

I.e, what if the chemical is actually corrosive and you just melted a pigs face. That animal has really just been subjected to unnecessary cruelty.

They don’t know if their new chemical will harm people, so they test it on animals that can simulate the properties of human skin close enough. Many people find it cruel to potentially harm these animals for the sake of a company being able to sell a product for their own profit. Sure, it’d likely be more cruel to test on humans. At the end of the day the goal is to produce a product that doesn’t hurt anyone. But many people would argue a company’s right to earn a profit is not worth putting either human or animal in harms way, so if they can’t test in a safer way that puts no one and nothing at risk, they shouldn’t bother.

>Clarification: Why testing make up on animals bad but not medications and other medical treatments?

Mostly because makeup isn’t necessary. Testing on animals often harms the animal.

For medicine, where we *must* see what happens on a live creature, that’s a necessary evil. For makeup, we’d be harming animals simply for vanity. Same reason fur coats are frowned on in the age of synthetic materials that keep people just as warm.

Animal testing of cosmetics is bad for the same reasons that animal testing of medicine is bad – it causes them harm and suffering to which they can’t consent. However, there is an argument that medical testing can be justified for its social benefits. This argument is less persuasive for cosmetics. Some people believe all animal testing is bad. Some believe all animal testing is justified. But a substantial number are persuaded that can be justified for medicine but not for cosmetics.