Why is the water from my bathroom tap hotter than that from my shower with the heat dial turned all the way up?


The water from my shower has been significantly cooler than it used to lately. It’s not even warm enough of the glass shower screen to completely fog up, yet the bath and tap gets really hot.

Water used to be a lot hotter. I’m the only person in my house who takes showers so no one is in a hurry to fix this. My mum wants me to just take a bath but I can’t- it’s an anxiety thing.

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It could be a few things. The shower cartridge night have something wrong with it or the mixing valve could be bad. You can look up these terms on YouTube. I think I remember some videos by “This Old House” that covered this topic. They are pretty good at explaining like you’re five.

The cartridge in you shower limits how the temperature of the water that can come out to prevent scalding. It always mixes cold water in to some degree.

Your tap can draw exclusively hot water without any cold mixed in.

The crystal in our showers went and it’s all now painfully ice cold from shower AND tub faucet

You may want to contact a plumber, this sounds more like something is about to go

I have a similar experience at my house. With me, the heat level decreases from one faucet to the next. My kitchen sink, has scalding hot water, my bathroom sink has very hot water, and the shower is good hot water. I had to ask my landlord to turn up the hot water for the shower. Hmm..

Shower valves commonly have an adjustment that limits how far the knob can turn, and therefore the maximum temp of the water. Can be changed.

The answer to this will depend on the type of shower you have, and also the type of water heater.

As the Sci-Fi computer would say – “Insufficient data. Cannot compute”