Why is there less protein in normal curd as compared to hung curd?


Hung Curd is drained of its whey, right? Whey is a source of protein, so shouldn’t there be less protein in hung curd comparatively?

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Curd, also known as yogurt, is made by fermenting milk with special bacteria. During this fermentation process, the bacteria consume the natural sugars in milk (lactose) and produce lactic acid. This acid causes the milk to thicken and coagulate, turning it into curd.

Now, let’s talk about two different forms of curd: normal curd and hung curd.

Normal Curd: When you make curd at home or buy it from the store, it usually has a liquid portion called whey. Whey contains some proteins along with other nutrients. So, in normal curd, you have the solid curd portion and the liquid whey portion. The total protein content in this form includes the protein in the curd itself as well as the protein in the whey.

Hung Curd: To make hung curd, you take normal curd and strain it through a cloth or a fine mesh to remove the whey. This process leaves you with a thicker, creamier curd that has less moisture. The removal of whey means that the protein concentration in the remaining curd becomes higher. While whey contains protein, it also contains other components like water and some fats, so when you remove the whey, the relative proportion of protein in the hung curd increases.

So, even though you’re removing some of the protein-containing whey in the process of making hung curd, the remaining curd becomes more concentrated in terms of protein. The total amount of protein may not necessarily be more in hung curd compared to normal curd, but the concentration of protein in hung curd is higher because you’re removing some of the liquid portion.

To sum it up: Hung curd is indeed drained of its whey, which does contain protein, but the protein concentration in the curd becomes higher due to the removal of the liquid portion. This is why hung curd is often considered to have a thicker texture and a more intense taste compared to regular curd.