why is there more dwarfism among humans compared to gigantism?


I don’t mean to be offensive if I am using these terms incorrectly, apologies in advance

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Gigantism is much harder on the body than dwarfism, and has a far higher casualty rate. People with gigantism suffer short lives and rarely have children.

Dwarfism, OTOH, is pretty doable. Little people regularly live full lives and often have children, thus passing along the genes for dwarfism.

Gigantism is much easier to diagnose and cure.

Most cases of gigantism is caused by a tumor on a gland that manages growth hormone. Removing the tumor usually stops the growing. You’ll end up a bit taller than average, but not extremely so.

Dwarfism has over a hundred causes. It’s just harder to accurately diagnose and cure.

Dwarfism is easier to survive. Less likely to keel over from a heart attack at 14. In history people with giantism very rarely lived long enough to reproduce, so there is proportionally much less of that recessive gene combination in the gene pool.