Why is there so much misinformation on TikTok

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I’ve been on social media for quite some time, but new to TikTok. The first thing I noticed is that the majority of the content is misleading if not completely false. Everything from financial advice, science, politics, etc.

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We’re in a time period now where if you combine short attention spans with enough laziness to not fact check anything, you get more clicks and views. The more outlandish claims make it to the algorithm, the more engagement they get, and it repeats.

When you have too much outlandish claims and too little attention spans to sift through all the garbage, you get proliferation of social media like Tik Tok.

Most Gen Z get their news through social media. While traditional news sites and channels have their biases and lenses to which they proclaim their view of “truth”, they’re at least bound by some regulation (although you could make a case that the regulation is piss poor).

Nonetheless, social media like Tik Tok has virtually no regulation, and more importantly, no accountability.

Creators on these platforms can routinely make up shit, and within a few days people either forget it or eat it up. News channels on the other hand have had to cultivate a fan base over time, and do get spurned when they’re factually incorrect (although the most vigilant of their supporters are cognitively dissonant).

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