Why is water not always quenching?


Some days water is amazing and all I need. Other times I feel like I can’t be satisfied unless it’s juice, or soda … rarely milk. Or even temperature of the water has to be different to be quenching…
What’s the deal?

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It is most likely your own social conditioning and not a factor of biology. It would be hard for anyone to explain your personal preference. For nearly any reasonable effort and exercise, water will replenish the biological need. In extreme cases, water with electrolytes is probably better.

Anything else is very likely individual preference.

It’s really hard to say without knowing some background medical history and basic information like age and weight and such, but it most likely has to do with your metabolism and/or nutrient levels at the time. You might be low on electrolytes or your blood sugar has fallen and your body is telling you. This is the same reason for cravings (of course, not all cravings are good, but they are the result of having less of something in your body than it’s become used to – a good example is the idea of a “midnight snack”, which becomes more prevalent as you get older due to changes in metabolism and how blood sugar levels are maintained as you age).

Of course, there’s also the fact that preferences play a role and everyone has their own. The part about temperature and such would most likely fall into that category. Additionally, even things like feeling warm or cold or sleepy can affect are desire levels for different things.

Hope any of that helps!

Purified water does not taste or function the same as water with minerals. For instance, if you’re drinking filtered tap water, it may taste bland. It also isn’t absorbed as well in ways that quench thirst, as opposed to mineral water – water with electrolytes.

If water just isn’t hitting right, I recommend keeping around some decent natural mineral water. Evian, Fiji, and Liquid Death are some widely distributed brands but anything labeled “artesian” or “natural mineral” or “natural spring” will do. I like Liquid Death for a single serving, and jugs of Arrowhead for at home.

If you’re drinking filtered tap water (or bottled “purified” water), try adding electrolyte tabs or powders that are made for athletes, like Nuun or Osmo. They’ll have the right mix of electrolytes that your body can use for optimum hydration.