Why is weed not mentally damaging but drugs that use neuro chemicals like serotonin and dopamine bad for you?



I just don’t understand how weed makes you happy but doesn’t have withdrawal effects. Drugs like cocaine, meth, mdma, hallucinogenic etc., you do.

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not an expert but, weed can be damaging. Some people get psychosis from weed. It can also get Behavioural (non‐chemical) addictions. Some other drugs have chemical addition, where you actually feel ill if you stop using it, but people can still totally get addicted to weed.

Total guess but I would assume that it is and you’ve just been told by pot heads that it has no down sides.


I’m no expert either but I think they did a good enough job explaining this.

It’s not as talked about as pharmaceutical medications, but cannabis does have side effects, some being severe. It can cause anxiety, depression and psychosis in some people, especially those with schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. It can also cause cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, which is a severe vomiting syndrome in some longterm users. Just like any other medication, there are side effects from using cannabis as well.

Weed most definitely has side effects they’re just not considered extremely damaging long term

All I know is that I used to smoke nearly a gram a day and when I stopped cold turkey I didn’t feel good for a little over a week. I know everyone is different, this is just my experience.

For what it’s worth, I’ve never had a withdrawal effect from MDMA or hallucinogenic either.

THC resembles chemicals already produced by our brains. https://newsinteractives.cbc.ca/thc/

Those drugs can be bad for you because the body is highly adaptive. When it detects it’s getting a certain level of things, it feels it can stop producing it on its own to not flood the system helping the crash, thus needing external tools to increase it.

Cocaine can jack up dopamine. When the body doesn’t make the amount it used to it will look for the external tool to help it (addictions).

Natural Testosterone can stop being produced when users do steroids, it’s why bodybuilders have a taper-off cycle to help the body rekick in its on testosterone and not crash the system.

I am a heavy weed smoker. Like roughly dabbing an eighth of cannabis concentrate every 2-3 days. People say there are no withdrawal symptoms and that marijuana is non addictive but let me tell you, thats bullshit.
The withdrawal symptoms for me include high anxiety and the jitters. I get super fidgety and cant sit still.(tapping my legs and fingers) Theres a loss of appetite that isnt super severe, but a definite lack of interest in food. The most severe symptom for me is probably the temporary bouts of insomnia. I have the hardest time quieting my brain for sleep without the help of cannabis. All of this together can lead to feeling depressed and all around lethargic.
For these reasons, every 2-3 months, depending on how I feel, i take a break from smoking for about a week or so, depending on how i feel. Reminds me of what its like to be sober, and helps me break my dependence and lower my tolerance.

This probably doesnt answer your actual question, but weed is certainly mildly addictive on some level, and every smoker i know HATES being out.

*Edit: The only drug that ive ever enjoyed the high as well as enjoyed coming down and withdrawing is Psilocybin.

Who told you cannabis is not mentally damaging? That is just false.

Weed generally doesn’t have the withdrawal effects because THC is fat soluble. It gets deposited into fat and then when you stop using weed it slowly makes its way back into the bloodstream over time. This means that it basically tapers itself off. It’s also why drug tests can pick up THC weeks later whereas other drugs are gone in a few days.

Hey, I’m no expert but I studied neurons for what it’s worth and wanted to add something.

Dopamine and serotonin are excitatory neurotransmitters, neurons produce a molecule (neuromelanin) to protect themselves from excessive catecholamines (serotonin e dopamine among others) and from metals. So, maybe they are not that great for neurons?

Source, this book: https://www.edisesuniversita.it/area_scientifica/citologia-e-istologia.html

It doesn’t have physical withdrawal effects but it can still cause damage in other ways. Withdrawal effects only happen when you quit, damage happens when you don’t quit