Why it is hard to think about death deeply?


Why is it that it’s hard to think about death deeply?

I’m not talking a suicidal sense I just mean like thinking about the end and after it. But whenever I try
To think about it deeply my brain seem to go into “fear mode” and then it becomes very hard to go back into that state. Could be just me but why is this?

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Imagination doesn’t actually ever create truly new things. It takes bits and pieces of experiences that you’ve had and uses those to construct what you’re imagining.

If you want to test this, try imagining a colour you’ve never seen.

Thinking deeply about death falls into the realm of trying to imagine something you’ve never experienced. You’re alive and as far as your brain is concerned always have been. So to imagine death it has no construct to piece together what it is like. The brain can fritz out while attempting to do this as it’s searching hard through your memories for something related.

This may cause the fear response you feel especially since we are told enough messages that death is something to fear.

Maybe you haven’t accept it I know when I was a kid I would cry thinking about it I was also 10 probably

It could also be a limitation. Our brain purposely tries to downgrade the importance of things to prevent us from being so down that we just give up. I forget what it’s called.