Why online stores and companies can’t steal people’s credit card information ?


I know it’s weird but I know many people who will refuse to put their credit card information on websites like ebay or even amazon claiming that they will charge them extra money or steal their information

so i want to ask why can’t people from these huge companies do that?

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If they did use that card information without authorization, they could face legal consequences. Or at the very least, no financial service company would want to process card transactions for them.

It’s only visible to the buyer and the card company to process the transaction.

Everything in between is encrypted.

Companies like repeat business. Ripping someone off is a good way to not get them to ever return. Same idea as why drug dealers usually don’t rip you off; they want you to keep coming back to give them more money.

If you’re asking why individual workers don’t steal the numbers, usually at places like that everything that shows up on their computer screen is recorded and when fraudulent charges show up on a customers credit card, it’s easy to see who looked at the numbers, if they are even able to look at the numbers. There is almost nothing you can get with credit card numbers that’s worth going to jail or losing a good job that would pay you more than you can steal.

Oh they totally can

But any reputable business won’t because credit scamming and theft is a serious crime and the fallout and legal consequences of that would topple the business.

In addition to the lawsuits and fines, committing credit card fraud on that kinda of scale would prevent any bank or credit card company from ever wanting to do business with you again.

Big companies spend a fortune on security to prevent these sorts of things from happening for exactly that reason.

You can read up on PCI compliance. On most sites you are entering your card information in fields that are directly tied to the merchant processor. The seller doesn’t have access to your card data. When you submit the order the card information is sent, encrypted, to the processor who sends a message back to the seller that the payment is approved and they can fulfill the order. In the case that you had to speak to someone and they type your number in its very similar but to avoid even having to do that the seller pays a much higher processing fee for the transaction. As mentioned, there are some very big penalties for missing card date including being banned from accepting any cards at all.