Why phones try to stick to a WiFi for dear life?

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why do phones try to stick to a connected wifi network for dear life even though I’ve moved far from it that it’s barely useable anymore; all while I’m near another ‘remembered’ wifi network with very strong signal?

The phone knows the password of the other wifi that I’m near at, and i have set it to auto-join. But no it refuse to connect to it and prefer to hold onto where it’s last connected. I need to manually tap the other network everytime I move.

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I have a similar problem where my phone loses WiFi as I leave home, but it so desperately wants WiFi that it’ll keep trying and failing rather then switch to 5G even though it’ll have a strong signal. It takes waaaay too long and I have to cycle airplane mode at least once until it finally gives up and uses the strong 5G signal it should have switched to 3 minutes ago.

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