Why some seeds are used for oil extraction and not all


From my understanding, oil in seed is fat reserve to be used in initial phase of germination. If thats the case why all the seeds don’t have oil.

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Cost mostly. Unless the seed oil is cheaper or better than existing oils, there’s no reason to extract it. And it’s really hard to be cheaper or better than existing oils, for example Canola has had millions of dollars of R&D into optimizing its oil for price and quality, it’s extremely hard for other oils to compete against it.

Castor oil was made by crushing castor (French for beaver) nuts (actually some other gland). Thankfully for beavers, it is now made from the seeds of ricinus, a plant.

All seeds have *some* oil but we use the ones with higher oil content because it’s more economical (more oil and less wste from pressing a given weight of seeds). The ones with less oil, or whose oil tastes bad, don’t get used because there’s better options.