why the earth’s magnetic fields reverses?


The earth’s magnetic field is known to shift occasionally. North and south reverse. But why does that happen? The earth’s magnetic field is due to the direction of the rotation of the molten core. So does this core randomly start moving in the other direction? What causes that? And if it’s reversing directions, shouldn’t it stop at any point ? If so, why does it start moving in the other direction?

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It is not actually reverse. When compass was invented, people decided that north end points to the north, south end points to the sound, because that’s just intuitive.
And because compasses are basically magnets, the magnet poles are named like that. Then they realized, south attracts north and vice versa, and the earth is a big magnet, so it is only logical to conclude that the geographical north pole is magnetic south pole.


They’re not sure yet. But models of the movement of Earth’s liquid iron core have also resulted in seemingly random reverses, so it’s something inherent to how the liquid iron is behaving.

As the Earth rotates the “core” swirls about and is in a constant change of direction it is during a geomagnetic reversal the change of direction the smaller changes basically push it into a new order. https://youtu.be/QGTPr3CG6GA