why thing rot?


And what happen if it were put in a vacuum with no out side stimulation

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things rot because bacteria consume them. We can slow this process down, through means of lowering pH, lowering water content, removing oxygen, chilling/freezing, all of which slow bacteria down, but dont stop them. We can vacuum seal foods, and that slows down the spoilage process, but it still occurs, as some bacteria do not need oxygen to survive

Things rot because on this planet there exist microscopic organisms called bacteria that live on the surface of nearly every living thing, including fruit, vegetables and living animals. When an Apple grows, for example, it’s attached to the parent Apple tree and draws nutrients from the tree to grow, develop and protect itself from the damaging effects of bacteria trying to eat away at the surface skin. To a degree, the tough skin on an Apple protects it from the worst effects of the bacteria.

However, when the Apple is picked, it is already doomed to whither and rot. The supply of nutrients from the parent plant is cut off permanently and the store of nutrients in it’s flesh begins to deplete. Over time, even if the Apple is put in a very cold environment to slow down the activity of bacteria, it will still rot.

The bacteria eats away at the skin producing waste products that further aid decomposition. Eventually the Apple will dissolve into a puddle on the floor except for the rock hard core containing the seeds and pith.

In a vacuum, there is still stuff. Just no air. Bacteria can survive in a vacuum (certain species) and there are still corrosive particles. The Apple will start to decay from the inside too, because its store of nutrients depletes and it cannot repair dying cells in it’s structure. Eventually this process will win out and the Apple will rot from the inside without the help of bacteria.