Why timings in rhythm games are always so strict


I’ve always wondered, as I’ve played games like Rhythm Heaven, Taiko, Osu, and a few more, why are the timings so damn tight sometime?


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I’m not sure if this is a question. You’re basically asking why time sensitive games are time sensitive 😅

As a gaming experience, it’s what makes these games so fun. It is challenging, and requires you to be better as you progress through levels.

Cause you’re supposed to actually hit on beat, and the timing for that ends up being pretty tight, but there’s still lower points for hitting a little off beat, it’s just something you’ve gotta get used to, and then it becomes second nature kinda.

I will say though that I know with osu that the person making the chart/map can actually adjust how forgiving the timing window is, idk how that is for other games tho.