why we can’t have body enhancements to live longer?



Rewire our brains or arteries to prevent any diseases.

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We don’t know how to do that, or to do it safely or effectively. Replacing a human brain is way beyond our current medical capabilities.

We can and we do. The average life expectancy for humans is like 35-45 years old. We have pace makers now for better hearts, glasses for better eyes, prosthetics and wheel chairs for better limb. We are working everyday on making a vaccine, medication, or cure for literally everything. One day no disease will exist or be incurable. And we’re already on that path. People can replace their organs with healthy ones. You can even get a face transplant now. You can get a full blood transplant like medicine is amazing

We do. If your heart is damaged, you can get a heart transplant.

But major surgery stresses the body and there are risks and issues with introducing foreign tissue into the body, so not everyone is a good candidate, and at some point you’re not going to be able to keep replacing worn out parts without killing the person (or using up available parts that could go to someone with better odds of surviving for a decent length of time).

“rewiring our brains” is impossible both because we don’t have the ability to alter connections between neurons in there and because the human brain is so unbelievably complex that we barely understand how it works.

We do lots of things to prevent disease, or other things that might cut someone’s life short. What we can’t stop is aging. Aging happens at the cellular level – basically, DNA is damaged just a little bit every time a cell divides, and in humans, after about 80 years or so that damage becomes too much. Organs become weak, the body can’t repair wear & year as well, and eventually the whole thing just can’t keep running. We can replace individual organs, but we can’t replace your entire body.

If you can figure out how to stop that genetic damage, you could maybe “cure” aging and collect your novel prize.

Although humanity has made remarkable advancements, we are still only human.

Compared to other animals, we have modern civilization – government, economies, culture – all very awe-inspiring.

But at the same time, what we cannot do is also awe-inspiring. We cannot live forever; we don’t know what goes on in the deepest depths of the oceans; we don’t fully understand what consciousness is; we can’t even predict with 100% accuracy what the weather will be next week. There are many, many challenges still to be solved, and they are very hard problems. Some may never be solved, but the exploration of those limits is so core to the human condition. Asking `why can’t we?` is the first step – after all, how can we overcome limits if we don’t have a desire for what’s beyond? Then the next step is trying to learn as much as you can about the problem and what others have discovered about it.

There are many different types of diseases, many different reasons for aging. It takes years of education, but you can always start somewhere. Research COVID because it’s so relevant right now. Try to understand what it is, what the treatments are, why they work. These are some first steps you can take.