With tens of thousands of casualties on battlefields like Antietam & Gettysburg, why are there not just skeletons popping up everywhere?


Surely 200 years of weather and tourism would uncover some??

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They were _buried_ in actual graves. Not right away, but eventually.

Were you thinking the bodies of the dead were just left outside?

Here’s a [article](http://science.unctv.org/content/so-what-happened-confederate-dead) that will answer your questions regarding Gettysburg.

Skeletons decompose just like the rest of the human body. If any soldier were left on the battlefield or buried in shallow graves, their bones have long since disappeared. It takes bones about [10 years](https://www.scienceabc.com/humans/skeleton-mystery-dont-bones-decay-decompose.html) to decompose.