(and ELI10 too): is gluten pro inflammatory?


So, I tried asking it in askscience and my post got deleted, so I’m assuming this is a dumb question even though I’m just trying to understand a topic full of pseudoscience and it’s not a very uncommon assumption that gluten is just bad for health.
What I know is gluten can induce inflammatory response but for those who already have intolerance or allergy to it, but I’m not sure and nutrition is a very hard thing to get an answer for because there are a lot of misleading information. So, can anyone clarify this for me? I’ll gladly read some scientific articles too.

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Gluten isn’t a problem unless you have some specific gastrointestinal issues. We have a dedicated enzyme, glutenase, which digests it for us. For people with Celiac or (sometimes) IBS, that doesn’t help, but nobody else need be afraid of gluten.

The pseudoscience started from the following logic chain, near as I can tell:

1. Gluten is bad for people with bowel issues.

2. Therefore, gluten must be particularly hard to digest/bad for you.

3. Therefore, gluten is at least a little bad for everyone.

If biology were really that simple, we would be too simple to understand it. Suffice it to say that “health” isn’t an ordered list, there is no specific most or least healthy thing, what is healthy for one person might be lethal to another, and anyone claiming otherwise is mistaken or a fraud. Nothing is that simple in health.

For some people pure gluten can be inflammatory. Many factory baked breads just use pure yeast or other chemical compounds to fluff up bread consistently, leaving the gluten content unchanged. This is different from how we historically made bread with a combination of yeast and other microbes similar to a sourdough.

The combination of yeast and microbes helps break down the pure gluten to more easily digestible products that don’t have an inflammatory response. You’ll find that in cultures that normally eat handmade bread as their staple starch, gluten intolerance is not common.

Celiac here. If you are not celiac, you have absolutely no reason to avoid gluten. A truly gluten free diet is less nutritious, less rich in fiber, and higher in calories.

Eat the damn bread. For me.