What does it mean to annex another country? Is it always a bad thing?

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Yes always bad. It is when a country views another’s land as their, even if that country or region does not agree.

You can’t “Invade” your own land, so they would call it “Annexing”

It is usually based on some historical claim that the lands were once considered one…. so it would be like Italy “Annexing” France because they were once both part of the Roman empire….but everyone else would consider it an invasion

Annexation is where you take another country, or part of it, and make it part of your country through force. This is not the same as occupying another country or territory, buying territory, voting to become part of another country and things similar. So it’s generally considered to be a bad thing and is illegal under international law.

If you take WW2 when the Germans conquered Poland some of it was annexed and some was occupied.

If you take Russia and Ukraine the Russians annexed Crimea back in 2014.

You guys are wrong. Annexing isn’t purely by force. Annexing is adding any new land to your land permanently. Texas was annex by the US both countries wanted this. All US states have been annexed. It just means to permanently add. If Puerto Rico ever joins the US as a state it will then be annexed.

Annexing is what you do when you’re done establishing your own country, so you look at your neighbor and go ‘Ah, next!’