Are we somehow responsible for the weapons our country is selling to other countries ?


I know it might sounds crazy, but I’d like to know :

If some weapons were sold by the government ruling my country to foreign powers who uses them to do bad things, am I somehow responsible ? I mean, isn’t my government paid thanks to my taxes ?

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Government is run by people you elect (democracy of course) but since there is currently no direct democracy anywhere (you are not personally involved in decision making), you cannot be personally responsible for government actions. If you do not agree you can always let your representative know you do not agree to these actions.

We’re also responsible for promoting the exploitation of workers around the globe who aren’t paid a living wage, and whose working conditions wouldn’t be legal in more developed countries. People who are happy with their lives don’t tend to revolt, which means governments don’t need to purchase a lot of new weapons to control their population, and there’s not a demand on the black market for weapons for terrorists or others that want to wage violent revolts.

“Hey, I would like to kill these innocent people here, can you sell me the gun you are carrying”? If you do this you are partially responsible for the dead people.

No one phrases it that way, of course – it is always called “department of defense” or similar, but if it would be used for defense only there wouldn’t be wars. If a country has a long history of war crimes then you know what they will use the additional weapons for.