I recently got to know that I have 0.25D cylindrical power in both eyes but no spherical power. I am 21yo right now and this is not hereditary. I am a software engineer and my average screen time is around 13 hrs.

Yeah, I understand this error is called astigmatism and caused due to change in curvature of cornea or lens.

I am not sure what are the main reasons for this change. Like one reason could be rubbing eyes.

Just wanted to know how I can improve or stop it from getting worse.

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Absent any gross trauma to the eye, it’s usually genetic. Astigmatism doesn’t always present at birth; sometimes it comes along later in life and hits you with the *hoocha.*

Rubbing your eyes isn’t going to cause it, cure it, or make it worse. *Que sera, sera,* as far as that goes.