Auto Chess.


So Valve recently announced their version of the Dota2 Auto Chess mod. I searched on YouTube, checked /r/AutoChess and I still have no clue what the game is.

It seems like a pretty big deal with Epic and Riot working on their versions as well.

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Every turn you get to buy some units, and place them on one half of a chessboard. Your half-chessboard is then copied and matched to an opponent, and then the two sides battle. Each unit has different properties like Attack range, damage, special abilities, etc. You can position the units on your chessboard to do some basic manoeuvres (eg Tanky units in front, squishy at the back).

You earn points for beating the enemy’s board, which lets you buy more units. Units can be upgraded by combining identical units, but there is a limited pool of units so you have to strategize around your opponents.

AutoChess is, originally, a Dota 2 mod. It has nothing to do with Dota 2 except that it uses the character models and animations and what not. The premise of the game is simple: you “hire” a bunch of heroes, give them items, position them on the fighting board, and then when the round starts they fight the heroes of another player. (There are 8 players in each session). If they (your team) lose, you (the player) lose health. Players whose health reaches 0 are knocked out, until 1 player remains.

The makers of the mod, a Chinese company called Drodo (I think?) are developing it into a separate game thats possible to launch outside of Dota. They released their version on Android and iOS, and their PC version is going to be an Epic Store exclusive.

Valve are developing their own spin on the game, called Dota Underlords. Riot doing so as well.

The game has nothing to do with chess.

I kind of think of it as a mini-game that you might find in a Zelda game. You set up your pieces, and then they attack each other — stats of the pieces matter as well as RNG (random number generator) luck. It’s basically [Dejarik]( from Star Wars.

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