Bacteria vs. Virus?


What’s the difference between bacteria and viruses?

In: Biology

Bacteria are larger. Can survive without a living host. And don’t ‘reprogram’ host cells in order to reproduce.

Viruses causes diseases and are harder to ‘cure’ / control than bacteria.

The one thing that I know of is that bacteria are able to reproduce on their own while viruses are not. Also, I’m not 100% sure on this, but I think another key difference is, because virus replicate through the cell reproduction of others, it can cause genetic evolution/mutation in others by directly passing on their genetic code. e.g. 10% of humans genetics are thought to have originated from viruses.

They’re really just totally different things. I’d say “apples and oranges” but apples and oranges are way more similar to each other.

Bacteria are single-celled organisms that live just about everywhere. The vast majority are harmless, and in fact you have huge colonies of bacteria living in your gut that are beneficial to digestion. However, some bacteria cause diseases such as cholera, leprosy, and botulism when they invade your body. Antibiotics are medicines we have that are designed to kill bacteria.

Viruses are much smaller than a single cell and may or may not actually be alive at all, depending on the definition of life you follow. They can only reproduce by invading and killing the cells of living organisms, so unlike bacteria all viruses are harmful. However, most viruses specialize in affecting certain species so only some are harmful to humans. Some viral diseases include influenza, rabies, and HIV.

The other two main kinds of pathogens are parasites (e.g. malaria) and fungal infections (e.g. Candidiasis aka yeast infection)

Bacteria are single celled life. They can reproduce on their own, have various organelles to keep them alive, and can live on their own. Viruses are dependent on other organisms to survive. They are usually a shell containing DNA or RNA, and can only reproduce via infecting other organisms. There’s debate over whether or not viruses are evien living organisms because of how unlike everything else they are.