Can I store a AA battery backwards?


I have a pair of low end Sony noise cancelling headphones I use when flying. The on/off switch is very sensitive and I’ve accidentally drained the battery a couple times. Can I store the AA battery backwards without damaging either the battery or the headphones?

In: Chemistry

You mean keep the batteries in the headphones backwards when not using them so that you don’t accidentally turn them on? Yes. I don’t think doing that will damage the headphones or the batteries.

Most (pretty much all) modern electronics have strong diodes, that only allows electricity to flow 1 direction, preventing damage to sensitive polarized components. For a single battery it’s pretty much always safe, same goes for stacked batteries. But if the batteries lie next to eachother you need to make sure that all batteries are correctly oriented or that all batteries are incorrectly oriented, mixing is a fire-hazard.